Affiliate Disclosure

Weedly Buy exists to link our site users up with discounts and coupons for cannabis related products. To do this effectively and to ensure that we only have active offers on the site, this costs us time and money. To ensure that our time is covered, we do receive compensation from those who have coupons on our website. This either in the form of affiliate income or as paid listings. We do research all companies before adding them to Weedly Buy and will continue to refuse and not add sites that have been shown to provide poor levels or service, low quality products and have received a reputation for bad practice. However, we cannot guarantee that all experiences with the companies listed will be positive and cannot be held legally or personally responsible for any negative experiences. Please note listing here is not an endorsement of a product but if you experience problems with a retailer you can feed back to us on the contact page.

What Is Affiliate Income?

Weedly Buy includes links to external sites where purchases can be made including dispensaries, vaporizers, seedbanks and CBD retailers. When you access a coupon, or follow a link to one of the deals we promote, a cookie is dropped (see our privacy policy for more info on cookies and how we look after your data) and if you choose to make a purchase on the site then we receive a commission. We are disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidance. These commissions do not increase the price you pay but come from the retailers profits. At no point will you be charged any more for clicking on one of our links, after all you are here to save money!

Paid Pages

Some pages with coupons and deals have been added to the site because we have received a one off payment. When you click these links we do not receive any further payment and no tracking cookies are added by Weedly Buy  We cannot take responsibility for any tracking cookies added once you click and visit any third party site. To find out more about about external privacy and tracking policies you will need to check the third party sites for this information.

Free Products

On occasion offers of free products are made to websites in exchange for reviews. To date we have not received any items. If we do receive a free product for review, we will make this known within the article that we publish. Any product sent to us will only be received with the knowledge that being free does not mean a guaranteed favorable review. Any reviews we publish will be based on user experience only and will be the opinion of the individual writing the article. We will not take any responsibility if you purchase a product based on one of our reviews as all experiences are subjective and depend on your own needs, experience and knowledge. We will however offer all our users the opportunity to comment on reviews and articles to share their experiences with our readers. 

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